La création de jeux d'aventure   
This book, written by the AGE software developer, will introduce you to the creation of narrative adventure video games and improve your mastering of the software to market your future works on Windows, UWP, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android and WebGL.

6" x 9"
Color on white paper
168 pages

La création de jeux d'aventure est en vente sur Amazon.fr

« Ah... dear fellow traveller... I am so happy to meet you and to travel with you along this rocky path to let a surprising story unfold. Do not be too quick to judge! At least not before you know how it ends. This story is both rough and delicate... as repulsive as it is endearing... melancholy and joyful... but most of all, it is a tale that is deeply human and profoundly singular. So let me introduce this young, colour blind boy who, from birth, has only ever perceived the world in black and white. Colours, to him, are as abstract as faith to the atheist. Yet, they plagued his dreams, night and day! »

Format & Stores

4.25" x 7"
Black and white on cream paper
302 pages    310 pages

Désiré is available on Amazon.com Amazon.fr Amazon.co.uk Amazon.de Amazon.it Amazon.es
Désiré est en vente sur Amazon.fr

Désiré — The making of    
« Désiré — The making of » traces the journey of an atypical adventure that will make you travel along with its creator during five years, from January 2012 to December 2016.

The story is accompanied by photographs, sketches and unpublished artworks, as well as many screenshots of the best moments of the game.

Format & Stores

8.5" x 6.75"
Color on white paper
102 pages

Désiré - The making of is available on Amazon.com Amazon.fr Amazon.co.uk Amazon.de Amazon.it Amazon.es
Désiré - Le projet est en vente sur Amazon.fr


Le Remords & Salle d'attente   
My first book of two short stories published by Edilivre in 2013.

This book is no longer for sale.