To know more about me, let's start with Désiré...

Désiré was not just a video game for me, but a design that marked a turning point in my life and allowed me to better understand the reasons why I persisted in conceiving artistic works.

It was a long-term project, the most important of my career where I set myself a goal for four years to make it a reality. Which implies a high level of investment but my motivation was clear and I felt ready to lead this fight. Especially since I had arrived at a stage in my life where I needed to achieve something.

I took the time to take stock of my career. I spent fifteen years in the computer industry and made many games, software, short films, music but I was not satisfied because I felt that I did not do anything important to me. Faced with this failure, I had to turn a new page and thus, engage in the writing of my major work by bringing together all my skills. For this, I was aware that I had to get out of my comfort zone by opening up more and taking risks.

I finally succeeded in my challenge by creating in my opinion an atypical and timeless work telling a singular story strewn with pitfalls. My initial intention was to make a video game of emotional adventure by moving away as much as possible from a classic playful world, to get closer to human nature through our vices and sometimes our virtues.

This aspiration for the creation of video games was developed since my youngest age.

When I was a child, I took pleasure in inventing stories and games on paper. I liked to take inspiration from simple concepts and take ownership of them by adding a personal touch. Then I also grew up playing Commodore 64 and Amiga, a period of my childhood that I have fond memories of. Some games have even managed to make me vibrate and transmit to me the taste of creation. And in the 90s with the democratization of computers and the arrival of development tools more and more accessible, I saw the opportunity to express my creativity through video games.

I overcame many obstacles on my way but I never doubted my passion.

My creative aspirations push me to express myself through the different forms of art that I appreciate:
  • Film, as with A bench for two where I staged the meeting between a disillusioned man and a drunk tramp sitting on a bench, in a street of Paris, dimly lit, where the man is revealed little by little on the choices of his life. I wanted to focus on the atmosphere and dialogue of this film to reinforce the emotions of the characters.

  • Book, as with The Remorse & Waiting Room brings together two stories about existence and human nature.

  • Music, in which I like exploring different tracks and styles from punk to acoustic instrumental music.

I am working for the future to develop stories in all these forms that are not only intended to entertain the public. As an author, my vision is primarily to convey emotions in the hope of pushing for reflection...

Sylvain Seccia