JukeBox 1.0.4      

JukeBox is first and foremost an audio, video, and photo player as long as the relevant codecs are present on your computer.

JukeBox is not only a multimedia player, but also a virtual jukebox whose purpose is to simplify the management of your media collection... with knobs on.

JukeBox has a very simple interface, which among other things, allows any image to be associated with a folder, so that album covers and photographs can be used to illustrate your song folders. No more changing CDs, no more scratches and jumps. JukeBox gives you full access to your whole library of music and videos. Be guided by your mood and the click of your mouse.

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AGE is a freeware that allows you to create your own Point & Click adventure games for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Web, iOS and Android. It is free for personal and commercial use.

Note that you do not need to learn any script language if you decide to use AGE.

AGE is a new age of point & click adventure games.

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Seccia is a software development environment that offers you powerful assistance to create your own 64-bit (x64) Windows standalone applications. This software is distributed as FREEWARE. It features:
  • a complete object-oriented programming language, with inheritance and polymorphism
  • a multi-tab auto-complete editor with syntax coloring and checking
  • a large number of powerful integrated objects
  • a unique graphical interface
  • multithreading applications
  • a step-by-step debug mode
  • a protected interpreter - your code is encrypted and all your variables, functions and parameters are renamed with numbers
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PSM Encryptor 1.0      

PSM Encryptor is a cryptography and steganography tool. PSM Encryptor will encrypt any group of files (including whole directory structures) but will also disguise the resulting encrypted archive as a working sound or image file. Unlike competitors who just wrap a model around encrypted files, PSM Encryptor weaves the sound or image models into the encrypted files, creating secure documents.

Any file type can be turned into a key and optimised keys can also be generated. In addition, PSM Encryptor ships with its own video codec: you can encrypt videos which can then be decrypted in real-time as you watch them, with no noticeable loss of performance or quality. An integrated email engine is also provided.

This is an abandonware.
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Power Soft Maker 1.1      

PSM is a simple, practical and robust Applications Development Environment which is quick to master. It enables you to create your own applications under Windows without the steep learning curve of a complex programming language.

PSM is an Assisted Visual Programming Language.

Note: This is an abandonware. The new project is Seccia.

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