Berzingue is a minimalist 3D racing game, inspired by the Amiga era.

Drive at full speed on the vertiginous roads of the 6 circuits to try to finish first and accumulate enough points for the qualification to the higher division. Sometimes you have to control your speed to avoid going off the track during turns and especially jumps.

A division is made up of 3 drivers who will compete over 6 races and 2 laps per race. The best times are recorded but are not decisive for victory.

The game offers 2 profiles, 6 circuits, 4 divisions, 11 opponents, a limited turbo, a replay after each race and a table of the best times achieved per race and per lap.

Mobile version: the direction of the car is automatically managed by the game, you only have to control the speed with your thumbs to stay on the track by going as fast as possible.