Vive le Roi 3

Vive le Roi 3 is a puzzle and anticipation game, without chance or timing, based on mini puzzles to be solved by choosing the right ladder on each floor to reach the king and save him from his executioner.

Inspired by the concept of labyrinths, the originality of Vive le Roi 3 is to be able to modify the state of the active elements of the levels according to your choices.

The levels are made up of numerous obstacles, such as doors, monsters, moving guards, tunnels... They are also made up of multicolored switches allowing to invert the states of the obstacles in order to clear a path.

Crowns are placed at the end of the level and the player will have to collect them in order to collect all the cards of the kings of France.

The levels consist of 3 puzzles and an additional puzzle as a bonus to collect the crowns. The puzzles are formed from 2 to 5 floors and each puzzle is independent: that is to say, they are not connected. In addition, the game offers 5 different colors to distinguish the elements and define the interactions between them.

The last puzzle allows you to collect the 5 crowns for the level when it is a classic level, or the 8 crowns for the special level. When the player has collected 32 crowns, they unlock a new Kings of France card.

Vive le Roi 3 is therefore not only a puzzle game, it is also an instructive game which introduces us to the kings of France through an original caricature and a brief description of their life and reign.