Collection 1996-2000

Sam is a cartoon platform game.

The Diamond is a platform game.

Carlewis is an athletism game.

Idler is a cartoon game. Menu code: TODAY, OKAY, FUN, LAST, OTHER, MASTER, THEBEST, COOL, HAPPY, BEAT, END, DOG. In-game code: DOG, FLASH, PUT, NO.

Electron is an arcade game. This will look like a simple game, but with each level it will game and harder and more frustrating. The goal is to get the electron to the other side of the maze.

Fuzzy is an arcade game. In this game you have to guide Fuzzy through a series of mazes while collecting red dots. Be careful because Fuzzy's evil brother is out to get him. There are also black holes that you have to avoid.

Fuzzy Editor is the editor to create your own levels for Fuzzy.

Extermination is a shoot'em up game.

The War is a shoot'em up game.

Revenge is a shoot'em up game.

Escape is a strange game.

Car 97 is a sport game.

Sam 2 is a platform game.

Jumping Toon is a platform game.

Quadrus is a puzzle game.

Quadrus Editor is the editor to create your own levels for Quadrus.

Electron Editor is the editor to create your own levels for Quadrus.

Killer is a shoot'em up. In this game you will have to shoot various things with your gun. Use your mouse to move and shoot. This game contains a lot of violence so it's not recommended for younger.

Sticky Ballz 1.01 is an arcade game where you control vertical and horizontal lines. The goal of the game is to destroy all the balls from the screen. With each level a new ball will be added!

Clear Round is a the Over The Top game version.

Toons' Cable is a cartoon game.

Almost Real is an arcade game where you must guide an almost real man to the end of 50 levels. On every level you have a task: shoot something, jump over something, etc...

Cool Chess is a game for novice or advanced players and you can learn chess rules using powerfull options. You can choose to play with 2 players on the same computer or 2 players on two different computers.

Mad Game is a shuffle puck game. You begin in the league 5 and you must win all matchs to finish first in the league 1. Every victory will increase your score by 3 points. if you lose a match, you don't win any points. In order to pass to the following league you need 9 points.

Stubborn Worms is a lemmings version with cute worms. Your goal is to save as many worms as you can and guide the to the exit portal of each level.

Gems is a puzzle game with many levels. All you have to do is to guide the crystals into the empty spots. With each level the difficulty will be increased!

Gems Editor is the level editor to create your own levels for Gems.

Rolling Ball is an arcade game. This is a fun game where you will have to guide a blue ball through a series of mazes. The trick is to keep the ball on the paying field at all times. Can you beat the high score?

Lead'em is a construction game.

Push & Pusher is a puzzle game. The main purpose of the game is to range pawns following numbers. For this, click twice with left button on arrows. So you will move all the line. To hide pawns, click on the right button.

Manager 3 is a soccer game with management.