Young Boy

Song from Désiré Soundtrack.

Written by Sylvain Seccia
Composed and Performed by Lorena Masikini
Arranged by Loïk Brédolèse


Nowhere is mine

Freestyle - acoustic guitar.

Instrumental Covers

This compilation contains all the following instrumental songs:
  • No Milk Today (Herman's Hermits)
  • Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles)
  • Tu (Umberto Tozzi)
  • Les Sucettes (Serge Gainsbourg)
  • Happy Days (N.Gimbel/C.Fox)
  • Midnight Express (Giorgio Moroder)

Wild Thing Cover

Reprise de Wild Thing en acoustique (guitare et voix).


Backup Soundtrack

Backup is the soundtrack of the TV serie. See

Little bass intro with a good riff then. Simple and easy to play.

See Tabs for guitar

Musique Commerce Sale

Musique Commerce Sale est un critique contre la musique commerciale et les majors qui nous vendent la musique comme de la marchandise.


The Revenge of the Fired Clown

The Revenge of the Fired Clown is an instrumental punk rock music.


Stupid Circus

Stupid Circus est un petit délire perso difficile à définir, je dirais que c'est un mélange de musique de cirque et de générique de dessins animés. J'aime beaucoup...

Take Your Time

Nothing to say about it, just I like that acoustic sound.

Created in 1998 by Sylvain Seccia